Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation allows people and organizations to connect with translation specialists through technological platforms.

is a simple way to incorporate simultaneous translation to any communication, without losing context and cultural references.

What are Remote Interpretation Services?

Remote Interpretation Services enable real-time interpretation through a Cloud-based platform, connecting users with expert interpreters and translators worldwide. Services include Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) and Video remote interpretation (VRI), integrating context and paraverbal information for seamless communication. 


Enhance healthcare communications with real-time access, improved engagement between professionals and patients.

Legal Offices:

Certified interpreters are vital in legal proceedings to prevent challenges, delays, and critical consequences.


Swift and reliable interpretation is crucial for high-stakes conversations, ensuring accurate translation and meaningful understanding.

Interpreting Services at Language Solutions Team

We partner with a team of experienced interpreters and linguists to provide your company with a wide range of interpretation services, available 24/7.
Our team of native speakers from around the world ensures that your communication is seamless, helping you expand your business globally.

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