Translation is the process of rendering one language into another.

Translations Services:

Machine Translation and Post-Editing (MTPE)

Editing & Proofreading

Transcription Services


Translation for Subtitles

Desktop publishing (DTP)



On-site and Remote Interpretations

Interpretation involves conveying the meaning of text or speech when parties do not share a common language.

Remote Interpretation allows people and organizations to connect each other with the help of language specialists through technological platforms.

On-site Interpretations Services:

In-person Interpretation

Conference interpreting

Remote Interpretations Services:

Video remote interpreting (VRI)

Over-the-Phone interpretation

Choose us for all your language needs and discover the remarkable difference our personalized and technology-driven approach can make.  
We are an experienced and tech-forward multilingual service provider. At LST, we focus on offering high-quality services and excellent customer attention, in a wide variety of language pairs. 

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