The purpose of business interpreting services

The purpose of business interpreting services

Interpreters offer a wide range of benefits so you can have a smooth and successful business meeting. 

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Business interpreting services becomes a vital tool when hosting a meeting or conference that will be attended by persons speaking different languages. Why need an interpreter there? Because it will smoothen the conversation and because they can facilitate communication so everyone feels comfortable voicing their opinions. 

Interpreters ensure that each conference participant can understand what is being presented or discussed in the meeting and ensure that they grasp the true meaning of the speeches being delivered in their own language. 

Benefits of having interpretation services in your business meetings 

Interpreting for business meetings helps facilitate communication between parties. It requires fluency not only in the native languages but also in business language and terminology, awareness of cultural differences, expertise and professionalism to deliver the most accurate business interpreting service any client requires.  

By having an interpreter present, business negotiations are simplified. Everyone can speak a different language and feel comfortable expressing themselves. An interpreter basically improves the flow of communication, helping overcome language barriers and avoiding misunderstandings.  

If there is a group with diverse backgrounds, interpreters can simplify the message and help with questions throughout the presentation. 

Tips for effective business interpreting 

Here are 3 aspects that you can cover by thinking ahead and easing the process of adding business interpreters to the room. 

  • Waiting until last minute is a no: Research ahead and find the best match. Ensure the best and most qualified linguists are available. LST provides an excellent team that can help you. This will also give you time to provide the necessary information to the interpreter such as the business goals, location, and amount of attendees. 
  • Have information prepared: Make sure to have some information prepared for the interpreters. Who participates in the meeting? What topics will be discussed? What’s the general goal/key points of the meeting? Interpreters need to be just as prepared as speakers. The most commonly provided documents for business meetings are agendas, speaking notes, presentations, and company information.  
  • Be clear on language requirements: It is important to know the languages of all the delegates or participants of the business meeting. Even more, sharing the specific regions where the attendees are coming from, will also greatly help the interpreters. Keep in mind some languages have specific dialects inherent to different regions that vary from one place to another. This will contribute to the process of finding the right interpreter who speaks the language/dialect fluently, ensuring the accuracy of the translation. 
  • Think specific: You have to keep in mind that it is better to hire an industry-specific business interpreting service. The main reason is the handling of industry-specific terminology. It ensures the 100% accuracy you crave and need. In some instances, they may even need to answer questions from participants. Or mediate meeting-related conversations.  
  • Establish the conditions required for the meeting. This initial sync will help set the right roles, expectations, and desired outcomes of the meeting. 
  • Two heads are better than one: If it’s a particularly large group meeting, consider having two interpreters. If there are multiple people speaking different languages it can be hard for a single interpreter to keep up. Especially if everyone is talking at the same time. Be aware that business meetings are not always as ordered and relaxed as one intends. Also, if a meeting runs for a long period of time, interpreters can get worn out and may need a break. It’s healthy to provide someone to take their place and continue the work. Having another interpreter available will help with the energy of the meeting and assure that the best quality services are being provided. 

At LST we’re experts in interpreting services and have a great team of professionals ready when you are. You can contact us at any time so that your business communication is on point and ready to go. 


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