Things about interpretation and technologies
you may not Know.

June 2022
Feedback and onboarding across borders

How are you interacting with your teams in other countries? […]

May 2022
UK and US health care interpreting

What are the main similarities and differences between these two […]

May 2022

How accurate is the award-winning movie as to how it […]

May 2022
How do country leaders speak to each other?

International dialogue keeps problems at bay. When stakes are high, […]

May 2022
Mother tongues, mothers, and language

For mother’s day, we’d like to go all the way […]

April 2022
How accurate are the sacred texts?

Religions from all over the world are based on translated […]

April 2022
Black ASL and the history behind it

How much can you learn from our culture through sign […]

March 2022
What happens when fans don’t get you…literally

Do international artists need to translate their lyrics? Or is […]

March 2022
Schools and translation: a must

Schools can be sued due to a lack of translation […]

February 2022
Critical incidents and why you need an interpreter in healthcare

Is healthcare interpreting a high risk business? It’s certainly a […]