Why you Should Hire a Native Language Translator

Why you Should Hire a Native Language Translator

Language translation is not a simple process. It requires an in-depth understanding of language, communication and cultural idiosyncrasies. Currently, because of COVID-19, the world has seen from up close the importance of communicating efficiently with people from different backgrounds, this is why the services of a native language translator are vital for every industry. In this article we will learn why you should hire a native language translator. 

The Right Skills To Expand Your Business  

Proficiency in Language Translations 

Native language translators are fluent and proficient in their native tongue, and can accurately communicate the original document’s meaning using the right style and terminology. They are indispensable for organizations who aim to develop a strong and positive international image. Native language translators give businesses the powerful tool of the written domain of a foreign language and have the ability to pinpoint culture-bound clichés that make no sense when translated into a different dialect. Linguistic misunderstandings have the potential to cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars, and often incur in irreparable damage. 

Translating documents: quality and branding 

Translating documents is more than just typing a collection of phrases into different languages. Grammatical errors, loss of meaning or spelling mistakes in the target language can result, not only in economic losses, but in the creation of obstacles in the delivery of the service. Quality is one of the most precious variables to keep clients satisfied. 

Hiring translation services can be a major element of any business strategy, because written words reflect on an organization’s international business image. Branding presence is key to corporate identity and to attract potential partners, clients, allies and employees. Setting aside part of the marketing budget towards translation and interpretation services is a smart way of outperforming the competition. 

Helps You Reach Your Audience  

A native language translator crafts the vocabulary, style, articulation, and sentence length depending on the targeted audience. They have the skill to make sure the translated document carries the same impact and message to its target audience as the original text. Many organizations develop ongoing relations with their native translators because the more they understand the business values, products, and strategies, the greater is their ability to translate them effectively. 

Avoid Translation Gaffe  

Many respectable organizations had to face financial loss and embarrassment by not investing in native language services. Hiring a native language translator can save your company from facing translation faux pas. An example of this is what happened to Pepsico when they launched a huge campaign using the slogan “Come Alive With Pepsi”. A native translator would have understood that the slogan could be interpreted as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave” in China. 

Finding the right vendor 

All organizations can benefit from acquiring a professional and experienced native translator who can supervise all aspects of producing a document. Native translators allow businesses to speak in their potential clients’ language and get their message across without losing or tergiversing its meaning. If you are looking for professional native language translators, choose a Multilanguage Service Provider with Certified and Native Translators that can manage official translation services to medical, business, educational, and governmental sectors.   


Hugo Rizzi

CEO at Language Solutions Team

Laura Aguirre

Marketing Manager at Language Solutions Team

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