Why are legal translation services important?

Why are legal translation services important?

For organizations dealing in multiple language demographics, as well as those who operate in heavily regulated environments, legal translation services can create substantial value. Unfortunately, many law firms often neglect certified translation services, resulting in legal exposure and potential lawsuits that can be time-consuming, costly, and put their hard-earned reputations at risk. With the rise of international commerce, the need for multilingual forms, tenders, contracts, and other legal documents is rapidly growing.

Also, in times when residents and tourists from all kinds of cultures, customs, and languages are interacting constantly, and do not necessarily know or understand each other’s languages, governments face significant difficulties in communicating effectively with people living within their borders.

Government officials are in dire need to hire language translation firms to translate their official documents, media content, press releases, and other types of content on their websites. Whether it is for education, social services, jobs, transport, legal or any other related field, states need to communicate clearly and effectively with both residents and tourists. As a result, legal offices have more opportunities to overcome language barriers, and people can work together to impact the country positively.

By offering quality translations in multiple languages, legal offices and government officials show foreign people and tourist communities that they care for them, and improve the quality of the service they provide, while reducing the incidence of misunderstandings and overwork.

In this article, we review the opportunities for legal and government offices to improve their legal translation services during Covid-19.

How a certified translator’s services can help

Legal translation services cover the translation, from an origin language to a target language, of a variety of documents:

  • Contracts
  • Laws
  • Sales deeds
  • Legal tenders
  • Judicial transcripts
  • Court appeals
  • Patents, trademarks, and copyrights
  • Statements
  • Certificates

Confidentiality: due to their nature, legal matters and documentation need to be kept under the veil of confidentiality. Certified translators are of credible understanding and are sworn to maintain the client’s confidentiality. 

Accuracy in legal translation services

Even a minor error in the translation of a legal document can cause big trouble. Certified legal translators have the expertise to guarantee no inaccuracies.

Speed in legal translation services

When translation services involve attorneys and barristers, a speedy job is crucial to ensure all hold-ups are minimized.

Variation In Cultural Laws in legal translation services

Certified legal translators have knowledge and understanding of the Law in different cultures. Extensive legal knowledge is a prerequisite to get certified as a legal translator.

Cultural Vocabulary & Sensitivity in legal translation services

Translation services are not merely a text conversion from one language to another: while translating legal documents, one has to keep in mind cultural differences, approaches, vocabulary, and sensitive issues. Also, legal vocabulary and jargon vary from culture to culture. Hence, a legally certified translator should be well versed in these fields.

Legal translation services: vital for dealing with legal issues

Many corporations are now recognizing the importance of legal translation services and hiring translators to get their legal documentation translated. Legal translations are vital for dealing with complicated situations such as court interpreting, sealing a business deal overseas, medical research, and other legally bounded situations.

At Language Solutions Team, we have a highly skilled team of legal translators who offer tailored official translation services to make sure companies get the language support they need. We guarantee confidentiality and run full quality checks throughout all of our services.

How translation services can help Government Offices

How can translation services help?

As a well-organized and reputable translation company, Language Solutions Team provides government translation services for 100 language pairs or more, with services meeting all the standards of confidentiality and security. Skilled translators have the expertise to work with multiple embassies and government agencies, whether they are local, state, or federal, as well as with government institutions ranging from diplomatic departments and defense all the way to healthcare, education, and commerce.

Translation agencies are aware that governmental agencies want their translated documents to be exact, accurate, and timely, as well as highly confidential, so they put a lot of effort into quality and confidentiality.

 The value in highly trained professionals

At Language Solutions Team we have experienced native speakers from multiple countries providing official translation services in Pittsburgh. We provide government translation services for official federal documentation, international contracts, and legal reports, and so on. We also have experts in various other fields, such as medical translators, technical translators, engineering, and defense.

Translation is fundamental to improve the way global businesses relate with their customers and audiences in general, and it can build brand reputation.

In our highly connected world, businesses are trying more than ever to land in the global market. This means reaching several new audiences that speak different languages, which increasingly demands for effective translation services. It is also important to consider that the way the modern world operates is changing: people are traveling and migrating around the world, so they need their documentation to be translated.

It is important to consider that customers should feel comfortable with the content they are receiving. Research shows that customers prefer content made in their native language, rather than content made in another language (despite having perfect knowledge of that language).

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