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What are Certified Translations? 

A certified translation fulfills the requirements of a specific country, so that it is enabled to be used in formal procedures. It is particularly needed when submitting legal documents. In these cases, the documentation must be corroborated in other countries that have different regulations from the original location where that documentation was issued.  

Different countries have different certification procedures for translations. A certified translation is only possible when the translators and agencies have the proper credentials or the membership of specific translation associations. A certified translation is a combination of the translation itself and a certificate of accuracy.  

Why are Certified translations important? Because they are essential to verify the veracity of a document in other parts of the world and to give those documents legal validity. 



Types of Certified Translations 

In some countries, like Russia, translations are certified by a notary public. This type of certified translation is “notarized. Notarized translations can be carried out by a person that presents a documented proof of language competence to a notary public, who certifies the translator’s signature.  

In other countries, like the United States, translators are usually certified by sworn translators, who are authorized to translate legal documents without certification by a notary public. Sworn translators have to demonstrate their expertise and work experience to obtain their own seal to certify documents. There is even a sworn translator register. They can enable the validity of a translated document. 

Certified Translations at Language Solutions Team  

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