Why outsource translation services?

Why outsource translation services?

Many agencies think it’s best to get their business documentation translated by a team of people who work full-time. This is because they think their in-house team knows everything they need to know about their business and can adapt to anything. However, there are some aspects in which an in-house translation cannot compare to the level of the translation done by professional translation companies. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing translation services might be beneficial for your organization. 

Choose professionals to outsource translation services 

When you hand over the job of translation to your employees, you are limited by their experience and knowledge. There are instances when technical subject matter expertise or knowledge of certain file types is required. Many subject matter experts prefer working as a freelancer as opposed to working as a fulltime employee. Professional translation services have a roster of qualified language professionals and a team of technical experts who can handle most any file type.  

Save money by outsourcing translation services  

An in-house translation team might look like a convenient solution to address translation, localization, and globalization challenges, but it is also the most expensive with the most amount of risk. Full time employees have an overhead associated with them that includes typical employee benefits, software licensing, computer hardware purchases, office space and furniture. With outsourced translation services, you only pay for the time and labor it took to finish the project. Quality translation services result in business expansion and profits: outsourcing is a cost-effective solution.   

Translation firms are always ready 

Outsourced translation services are not constrained by normal business hours, weekends, and holidays, most services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as needed to meet project demands.  

Outsourcing your business’s translation projects offers you greater flexibility in meeting demand.  

Benefits of hiring a professional translation service  

If you want your business to reach its goals on a global scale, consider investing in a professional translation services partner. Aside from saving you the hassle of translating your business materials yourself, there are several other benefits of hiring a professional translation firm. Let’s check them out!  

Cultural understanding is higher when you outsource translation services 

A professional translator is not just a linguist or a bilingual individual. They also have the skills to understand the cultural context that comes with the language and products or services being translated. Most professional translators work within the target markets and have first-hand knowledge that may not be available to non-native or Heritage speakers.  Trusting your business’s translation services to a professional translation company gives you the ability to work with different linguists, skilled in many different languages. You won’t have to worry about translated documents being late or not delivered by the deadline.  

Accuracy above all 

Working with a professional translation service will also improve quality control as professional translation services have a defined process with multiple layers focused on linguistic integrity and accuracy and access to resources that most dedicated fulltime teams do not.  

Invest in a high quality service and save money 

When you invest in acquiring translation services, it is, by all means, an investment worth making. When your business projects are translated accurately, you will make more money by reaching your foreign target audience. Hiring professional translation services is, hands down, a cost-effective solution. Companies out there that are enticing customers with extremely low costs can have a devastating effect on your business. Hiring them can lead to additional expenses you will have to bear to fix poor translation work. Working with a professional translation services firm with reasonable rates can get the work done correctly and on time.


Hugo Rizzi

CEO at Language Solutions Team

Laura Aguirre

Marketing Manager at Language Solutions Team

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