How Language Translation Services Are Cost Effective For Marketers

How Language Translation Services Are Cost Effective For Marketers

Translation services can be an invaluable advantage when used correctly. Marketers who empower themselves with language translation services are opening the door to markets from which they have always been shut out. Setting aside your production budget to employ a certified translator will allow you to enter into new customer segments that you would usually not have access to if you were advertising and marketing in a single language only.


What is more, a Multilingual Service Provider that offers translation, localization, and interpretation will help you translate and localize your promotional and marketing content. In this article we will review the main reasons why, as a marketer, you need to start the search for your next Multilingual Service Provider.


Language Translation Services: A Major Component of Your Overall Marketing Budget


Assuming that your clients and customers can understand all your communications is not the best option. In the United States alone, the number of people who have limited English proficiency (LEP) in reading, writing, speaking or understanding the English language is around 47 million citizens according to U.S. censuses conducted in recent years. In this sense, It is projected that by 2050 the number of LEP people will grow by about 19%, reaching 67 million individuals with difficulties communicating in English.


Furthermore,  if you target a global market, you just need to acquire a certified translation service to  understand the linguistic context, prepare campaigns and key messages taking into account language variations, idioms, among other possibilities. What better way to sell than by speaking in the same language as your customer?


Why Hire a Multilingual Service Provider?

If you’re on the threshold of translating the content on your own into additional languages, you’re missing a chance to boost customer purchases. When you choose a Certified Translation Service, the material will be translated and localized so that it is culturally acceptable. It will resonate with your target demographic, along with a range of subject areas and industries.

The following information is all necessary for your buyer persona to go through their Customer Journey step by step: content in their language both for whitepapers and product pages, call to actions, promotional messages, articles of interest. Every digital interaction (among other possibilities) adapted to the cultural and linguistic reality of your customer.


The Element of Cost-Effectiveness in Language Translation Services


Multilingual marketing, including making your business model or your offerings accessible in multiple languages, is one of the most cost-effective methods of promoting your business. If you have pre-written content in your native language, you can save the cost of crafting content from scratch. By localizing your promotional, region-specific, or visual content to foreign industries, you can extend your reach to prospective consumers.


High conversion rates


Key in personalized campaigns. And personalization is not only about knowing your customer, but also about speaking the way they speak. Getting into their culture can give you the ability to transform them from a lead to a customer. You just have to speak their language.


In addition, speaking in their language will allow you to identify the topics of conversation in social networks, websites, among other channels, so you can identify trending topics, create relationships, build loyalty, and balance advertising investment with organic positioning.


Increased website traffic


If you adapt your website to the different languages of your audiences, you will generate more traffic than ever before. You will also be able to count on your certified translator to translate specialized content, providing you with the highest quality. And nowadays, Google, Bing and the main Internet search engines index rank each site precisely because of the quality of the content. Content is king, and it really is. Do not hesitate any longer, adapt your website and develop a content marketing strategy in your audience’s native language to increase the metrics and traffic to your website in a sustained way.


Expanding the customer database


With the increase in traffic to your website comes the following advantage: you will gain a database. And this is only possible if you can personalize the experience of your audiences consistently in all the digital points where your brand is present.


Customer satisfaction points


The latter brings us to user experience. It’s about customer-centric culture and guaranteeing memorable experiences at all times and places, every time your ideal and potential customers interact with your contact channels. Hire the services of a Certified Translator. Language translation and localization will have a significant impact on your brand and customer experience.



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CEO at Language Solutions Team

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Marketing Manager at Language Solutions Team


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