Things about interpretation and technologies
you may not Know.

January 2022
Do we need US-based translation teams or is remote work enough?

Sometimes having a decentralized team is more cost-effective and practical. […]

January 2022
What does a good healthcare interpreter look like?

A trained healthcare interpreter is hard to find, but they […]

December 2021
Loose and loyal translations

When translating, should we follow the literal structure of a […]

December 2021
All I want for Christmas: a global phenomena

Why does it resonate so much around the world? Translations, interpretations, […]

December 2021
Video games and education worldwide

What can playing video games teach us beyond entertainment? Should […]

November 2021
Certified translations in the housing industry

When banking goes personal: Certified translations are frequently required when procuring a […]

November 2021
2022 trends for the legal industry

And how translation could diminish costs. Photo by Tingey Injury Law […]

October 2021
Medical proofreading

What it is, why it is extremely important, and who […]

October 2021
Must-haves for your international website

When you have only a local audience, your website is […]

August 2021
Real-time Translation Devices: The Next Best Thing?

Technology is evolving quickly in all realms of human interaction, […]