Things about interpretation and technologies
you may not Know.

September 2022
Translation services for everyone

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June 2022
Did you check your flight? And the signs that led to it?

Have you ever put thought into how you get around […]

June 2022
Feedback and onboarding across borders

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April 2022
How accurate are the sacred texts?

Religions from all over the world are based on translated […]

January 2022
What can the grammar tell you about you?

Grammar comes from people. And it in turn influences people […]

August 2021
Real-time Translation Devices: The Next Best Thing?

Technology is evolving quickly in all realms of human interaction, […]

August 2021
Medical Translation and Interpretation: Differences and Choosing Guidelines

The medical care industry is defined by its zero-tolerance for […]

August 2021
Why outsource translation services?

Many agencies think it’s best to get their business documentation […]

July 2021
Why you Should Hire a Native Language Translator

Language translation is not a simple process. It requires an […]

May 2021
3 Things About New Interpretation Technologies You May Not Know

As the internet is becoming more and more available to […]