Cantonese is One of The Most Important Languages In Global Business

Cantonese is One of The Most Important Languages In Global Business

Having received immigrants from all across the world, the United States is among the most linguistically diverse nations in the world, and Cantonese is one of the most predominant foreign languages spoken in the territory. In this article, we will see the geographic expansion of the cantonese language and how it’s the key to reach a substantial audience, both in the US and globally. 

Cantonese: A Popular Language 

China is among the countries with a larger variety of natively spoken languages, and Cantonese is one of the most popular, especially in the south-eastern part of China. More than 60 million people speak Cantonese in China alone, and that number is significantly larger globally. 

There are other countries and regions outside of China where can be considered the predominant language. They include Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, largely due to the proximity in both geography and socio-cultural elements. 

80 million possible business partner 

There is a variety of dialects that are usually collected underneath the umbrella term “Cantonese”, which differ significantly from one another. As a result, it is often difficult to estimate the number of native speakers of each language. Depending on where one draws the line, there are between 55 and 80 million speakers worldwide. 

Cantonese in the World and in Pittsburgh 

Is among the Chinese languages with the highest international penetration. It is the primary language of Hong Kong and Macau, and is commonly spoken in other parts of South Asia, particularly Malaysia, Taiwan and, to a smaller extent, Cambodia and Singapore. 

According to census and statistics from, “12.8% of Pittsburgh citizens are speakers of a non-English language, […] and the most common non-English language spoken is Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese)”. Also, 2.73% of Pittsburgh City’s population are native Chinese speakers. This points to the relevance of Cantonese on a global scale, but also in the US and especially in Pittsburgh. 

Translating Cantonese: A Real Need in Business in Pittsburgh 

Organizations looking to do business on an international level, as well as those in need of developing commercial opportunities here in Pittsburgh, would do well to consider hiring the services of a Cantonese Translator. Whichever Multilanguage Service Provider you might choose, it should be able to deliver both translation and interpretation services in your main audiences’ native language. Cantonese, as we’ve seen, is one of the more present languages across nations, and can’t be overlooked. 


Hugo Rizzi

CEO at Language Solutions Team

Laura Aguirre

Marketing Manager at Language Solutions Team

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